Prevent jumping fish in style!

February 13, 2018

The Bananaquarium Fishguard is available to the world, and it is as amazing as you think. Perfect to keep your fish safe when you want to enjoy your tank most!



A   P R O D U C T   B Y   B A N A N A Q U A R I U M


The Bananaquarium Fishguard is world's first of a kind, and is unprecedented: a perfect accessory to add to your aquarium! The Fishguard is exactly what you need to prevent most of your fish from jumping out of your tank, without ruining the aesthetics.



Why and how does it work?


When a fish startles because of an aggressor in its direct surroundings, the fish tends to flee its environment. This fleeing always happens in the direction that is most logical to the fish: Horizontally, away from the source of aggression. Then the fish bumps into the glass: it is invisible to them, especially when they are in stress. After bumping into the glass, the only way to escape is up.


After studying this behaviour of the fish, it became clear that a minimalistic solution would suffice, which stops the fish in the area where they are most likely to hop from the aquarium. Hence the Fishguard.








The Fishguard is designed in a way that it is the must-have for every rimless aquarium. The Fishguard prevents fish of medium and small size from escaping from the aquarium in most of the known cases. The Fishguard does this with extreme effectiveness (~95%), without disrupting the design of the rimless aquarium. This way your fish are safe, and you can still enjoy your tank in all its beauty. The Fishguard is a truly unique product, and an absolute necessity for all aquarium fanatics.


At Bananaquarium we know that design is one of the most important aspect of a product. We have designed the product with our focus on our users; You want your fish to be safe, without the need to cover the entire aquarium. Thus we made sure the product does both, and stands out against all other aquarium cover products available on the market today. The Fishguard is designed in a way that it can be combined with the total aquarium cover screens. This way you can be 100% sure that your fish are safe when you are not there.


Last but not least it takes a lot of care and attention to own and maintain an aquarium. Therefore it is important not to be distracted from the things that matter most: Taking care of your fish, and enjoying the beautiful life within your tank. We took this in mind when designing the product: The Fishguard is the easiest and most user friendly DIY system you will ever meet.


Bananaquarium Fishguard Video

Distribution is handled by:


D. van Houten import - Export BV (Business only)


Oene van der Meer (Business only)


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Prevent jumping fish in style!

February 13, 2018

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