Shine your lights without compromise

February 16, 2018


Design... These days it is all about design. Yet... this 'design' should also be somewhat easy to use: When something looks great, but does not work as we want it to, one might wonder, "what is the use?". Better said: It must look amazing, and it should always work in the way we want- and expect it to.


The design team of Bananaquarium has again managed to combine both, function and aesthetics (we call it "Functional Aesthetics") in 1 single product: The Universal Light Support (ULS for short).


The aesthetics are admirable, and the function is unprecedented to this day. Styleful and yet practical. With the ULS you can mount all types and brands of aquarium lighting above your tank without having a second thought about the best support available. We even included some nice surprise with the ULS: Some brand and type of lights can be mounted without the need for you to but a "suspension kit"! And yes, the ULS also contains the highest price-quality ratio. 


If you can mount your light to the ceiling, you will be able to use the Universal Light Support in order to mount the light above your tank.


The ULS is a strong and robust product, which is suitable for use with every type and size of tank: the light position can be adjusted front to back to perfectly fit 40 to 60 cm tanks! This is quiet an amazing feature since most light supports are only suitable for 1 tank size (and 1 brand or type of light).



Since the ULS is truly universal, it will look as good on a 100 litre tank, as that it will on a 1500 litre tank. The design is dynamic, and the ULS can be scaled to fit your tank size! And together with this, the light's position can be adjusted to exactly the position you want it to be in.


Now that is what we call innovation! If you want to know more, and want to double check the compatibility with your aquarium light, please visit our ULS page, and click the "ULS specification & compatibility" -button.


If the ULS is not available in a store near you, please let us know, and we will make sure that you can buy your very own ULS within the shortest possible time, in your favourite aquarium store.


Happy Reef Keeping! - the Bananaquarium team









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